Benefits of Being a Working Mom

I’ve only been on maternity leave for 2 weeks. Each day that passes means one step closer to going back to work. Yes, you heard me right. I’ve decided that going back to work not only allows me to stay true to what I value, but it also allows my family to continue to operate in a financially comfortable position. I mean I’m not worrying about paying for my college anymore. I’m worried about paying for the little one now!

I value connection. I also value my profession. What will I be teaching my daughter if I don’t stay true to myself? Although the thought of being the most remarkable Stay at Home mom is still very appealing, I plan to be the most remarkable Working mom. The one that still manages to have a career and be entirely supportive and encouraging of my little girl.

The funny thing is now that I know my way. I am so SCARED. Like mommy scared. You know the typical worry of leaving my baby in the care of someone else. How to choose the right nanny. How many hidden cameras is too many?… kidding… kind of.

Photo Cred: The Stir, Cafe Mom

I believe the fear of trusting the care of my child to someone else during the day is one of the main reasons I considered staying home. Aside from the whole not missing out on anything. In choosing to go back to work I am accepting the fact that I won’t witness the beginning of every milestone. And that’s OKAY. It’s okay because I’ll still see every milestone. When I find myself second guessing this newly made decision, I remind myself that there are many benefits to being a working mom that add up significantly. Such as:

  • Children of working moms are more social (perks of starting childcare soon)
  • I will have a personal life and my own connections
  • I will set a positive example
  • My child will become more independent
  • Working moms are less likely to become depressed (probably because they have an increased sense of purpose)
  • Time with my child will be even more valuable

Ultimately, going back to work is beneficial for my mental health and the development of my baby. Making the decision to stay home or go back to work is still a very difficult one. I’m sure I’ll have days where I wish I would have chosen the latter. Regardless of  which role anyone chooses, either path, is equally as important and inspiring as the other.

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