The 98-Hour Work Week

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Welch’s Grape Fruit Juice recently conducted a study that surveyed 2,000 women with children between the ages of 5 and 12. The study concluded that moms worked on average 98 hours per week. This includes the hours of a full-time job and the tasks required to keep the household going. NINETY-EIGHT HOURS per week.

Now as much as I love being busy, this sounds like a bit much! Right?! The study’s definition of work hours at home refers to the chores demanded (or assumed) by mothers. The list of tasks includes scheduling appointments, getting the children to various events, laundry, vacuuming, dusting, dishes, cleaning bathrooms, the kitchen and the bedroom, etc.

In my opinion, this study is very biased. Not all households have the same assumed roles. I can tell you that my significant other is extremely helpful when it comes to housework. Many of the roles that are assumed to be assigned to the mothers are, in fact, many of the tasks that my fiancé completes on a daily or weekly basis. I’ll pull from a pile of clean clothes for days before I’ll hang and fold it, whereas, he folds each item neatly and directly out of the dryer. On the other hand, I still have no idea how I constantly find his dirty socks in every single room! But that’s for another day.

4 out of 10 participants in the Welch’s study reported that they felt their life was a “never-ending series of tasks”. I believe that studies like these show us the importance of knowing what works for our own family. Outsourcing or delegating tasks to your spouse is not out of the question and should be considered often! The study does show that moms just plain make it happen. Regardless of working full-time. I’m sure a little wine now and then doesn’t hurt either!

One thought on “The 98-Hour Work Week

  1. Interesting research! I’ve think with all the equality and power women wanted, we ended up getting the crappy end of the stick in that we got all the responsibilities and opportunities we wanted, but none of the existing ones got taken away! After having a kid i realized i couldnt do everything. I can’t work 40 hours a week, have a spotless house, look impeccable myself and fulfill all the needs of the various people in my life. Somethings gotta give and you need to have that convo with your partner to be a 50% contributor.


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