Getting a Master’s and having a Baby?!

When I had applied to graduate school two years ago, I never would have thought I’d be doing the second year pregnant and the last few weeks with an infant. The exhaustion is real! But worth it. Graduate school is challenging. It’s even more challenging when you are established in a career and working a salary position that demands at least 50 to 60 hours of your time each week. It’s dang near impossible when you through pregnancy on top of that.

Dang near impossible, with an emphasis on the near impossible. However, I did it! So can you. If you’re in graduate school and thinking of starting a family but are concerned if you can handle the pressures of both, you should consider the pro’s and con’s. Everyone is different in the amount and type of workload they can handle. But I’m here to contest that it can be done! With some organization, flexibility, and motivation, it’s all possible.

If you’re considering balancing school and work, with a baby in the mix, here are a few pros and cons:


  • You get a freaking Master’s Degree!
  • You’re professional life will improve.
  • You will make more friends and increase your network
  • You’ll learn strengths about yourself you never thought you had.
  • Time management will only get better.


  • The juggling game is really tough.
  • You must sacrifice attention to one aspect of your life for the other
  • Time
    • There’s not much socialization outside of building your network in school.
    • You will have less time with your spouse.
    • Give yourself more time to learn the content, as you have a lot going on and it won’t soak in as fast as in your undergrad.
  • It can get overwhelming, so plan, organize, and stick to it.

Ultimately, you’ll follow your instincts. But just know that if it’s something your soul begs for, jump for it! Don’t let others tell you that it’s not the best idea or that you’ll regret not spending that time with your loved ones. There’s always room for a happy balance.

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