Vulnerability Makes You Stronger

Now that the uncertainty of the last few weeks has played out; I realize that I was a nervous wreck with all the anticipation. My need for control was quickly confronted with the harsh reality that I do not control everything! Imagine that. In retrospect, I was terrified of the events (birth, becoming a parent, leaving work) that were unfolding. The fear of losing control over all the fine details put me in a very vulnerable place. Brené Brown says “vulnerability is the center of difficult emotion”.

She states that vulnerability is also the birthplace of every positive emotion that we need in our lives: Love, Belonging, Joy, and Empathy. Our present-day culture shames vulnerability. It labels it as a weakness when in fact it’s the pivotal point of all strength. Isn’t that interesting?

In the theme of birthing, since that’s been the center point of my life lately, I thought this was a great concept. Ms. Brown further supports that innovation and creativity are also born through vulnerability. Be prepared for something big because these last few weeks have been a hell of a vulnerability ride! But seriously.

Brené Brown’s TedTalk is inspiring and influential. She holds a doctorate degree in Social Work. Her vulnerability talk verifies why I wanted to merge my undergraduate degree of Social Work with a graduate degree in Business Administration.

Entering into motherhood and being faced with a possible transition in my career has left me feeling the utmost vulnerable. However, it’s the beginning of a new era. Long story short, embrace the challenge. Allow yourself to feel vulnerable. The vulnerability will soon transform into strength.

Take a look at a tidbit of Brené Brown’s TedTalk below. Hopefully it will shed a new light on the topic for you as well!

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